What is Decentral Games and DG Coins?

Ross Jensen
November 3, 2022

Decentral Games builds decentralized games that give players full economic control through governorship and delegation of yield-bearing metaverse assets.

Decentral Games is partnered with ICE poker, a decentralized poker game inside of Decentraland. ICE poker is a metaverse play to earn poker game with their own native token (ICE). The Decentral Games (DG) coin is used for upgrading ICE wearables as well as voting in incentives on how the Decentral Games treasury should function. Decentraland casinos utilize both of these token to function.

How to play ICE Poker and earn free coins

To be qualified to earn the ICE tokens, you have to obtain a ICE wearable NFT. These wearables are available for purchase using crypto, or airdropped through a giveaway or something along those lines. After that you’re ready to play to earn.

‌Each player who have a wearable NFT receives Chips to play-to-earn ICE coins each day. The amount of chips you get everyday scale with the amount of wearables you have aquired.


Chips are not tradeable or sellable, they’re only for you to play-to-earn at the poker table. Chips reset at the end of the day.

ICE Poker Guilds

In ICE, you have a possibility to create guilds and comepete against other guilds in the “Guild Leagues”. All ICE Poker guild owners have access to the Basic ICE Guild management options, and there is a 1k DG requirement to gain access to exclusive ICE Poker Guild management options. In the basic ICE Guild options, you have access to:

  • Mint during ICE Poker wearables drops
  • Delegation of ICE Poker wearables
  • Daily payouts from DG treasury

Depending on how much DG coins your guild has staked, you can join different Guild Leagues;

  • Fren League (5k DG)
  • Ape League (10k DG)
  • Chad League (25k DG)

The prize pools of these leagues scale, and the greatest rewards will be found in the Chad League with the winning prize being $10k in DG coins.


The tokens of Decentral games is DG and ICE.

The price today of DG coin is $0.04, with a market cap of $25m. The price of ice is $0.0069 with a market cap of $2.7m. The projected growth of these coins are very high since the metaverse is just getting more and more popular.

The all time high of DG was $1.63 and the token has a supply of 590m. As of November 2022, DG is at an all time low, and the chart is not looking too promising.

The ICE token had an all time high of $0.3 (-97.7% from price today) and is also at an all time low. If you’re looking to buy ICE or DG, it’s a great time to start. Just register to a crypto exchange and deposit to your wallet.

Author Ross Jensen

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